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New information received today, October 3, 1999, from HELGA MARIE KALLEVIK (helga.kallevik@c2i.net) is as follows :

Regarding Kallevik in Norway:

My aunt Anny Kallevik now owns it together with her Brother Johannes, but they only use it for holidays and weekends. I and my parents live nearby, and my father, together with his brother Johannes, is now the owner of Kallevik. My father, born in 1923, is Mathias and Brithas oldest son.

Regarding information in "The Kalevik- Kallevig Family History 1755 – 1987":

I got that Kallevig family book from Wayne and Phyllis Jordahl the first time they visited us. It's an interesting book with a lot of exciting information. But there is something about the information in the beginning of that book that I think not is correct.

There lived two persons at the same time in this area named Jacob Larson (neighbors). I think thess persons are mixed because Mathias (born 1811)’s wife was Synneva Halvardsdaughter (not Mari Olsdaughter).

In the genealogy book for Moster parish it states that Jakob Larson was the first person they know that lived in Kallevik.

When We had the reunion in 1997 I tried to find out where Jacob Larson came from, but I wasn’t able to find him.

They think he maybe came from our neighbor island, Stord.

Do you know if there is information about the two half brothers of Ole, Elias and Johannes who also went to America ?

I found the half brother, also named Ole or Ola (born 1832), in a ships list Bergen –Quebec 1865-73.

He went to USA in 1866 together with his wife Eli Larsdaughter Totland (born 1836) and their son Lars Mathias (born in 1863). I don’t think he used Kallevig as a second name, maybe Mattiasson or Totland which was the name of the place he lived just before he went to America.

There was also a half brother Jakob (born in 1833) who emigrated, but I don’t know anything about him.

In the same ships list I also find the other brothers and I found that their sister Helene emigrated together with her brother Ole.


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