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This page is planned as a place to put photos that are interesting and are probably of family members, but that the owner of the photo does not know the identity of the subject. It came about because Helga Marie Kallevik sent the following photo and question. Feel free to submit photos of your own for display and possible identification here.

Send mystery photos to: • Loren Kallevig email


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Unidentified Person No. One.

I found this picture in my grandparents house here in Kallevik, Norway.
I think it was sent to my great grandfather or my grandfather from relatives in the USA a long time ago. It is made on "hard paper", and it is taken in Morris, Minnesota. The photographer is Johnson Bros.
I don't know who this person is, and there is no one here to ask. Does anyone "over there" recognize her?
There are more old pictures from the USA in my grandparents house. We know some of the people on the pictures, but not on all of them. Some of those pictures can also be on my grandmother's side, but I don't think she had relatives in Minnesota (only Iowa or Dakota).
If you know something about this one, please give me a note.

Address: helga.kallevik@c2i.net

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