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This clan of Kallevigs comes from Mosterhaven, Norway.
(The maps call it Mosterhamn, but I have used the family name)

Home of: Our grandfather Ole Kalevik

Across the fjord
Kallevig Norway Home Entrance
View of the entrance to Kallevig from across the fjord.

Kallevig Norway House
Kallevig Norway House
The homestead (with relative).
May 6, 1978

Home of: Our grandmother Anna Emberland

Emberland Norway House
Emberland Norway House
May 5, 1978.

Emberland from the road
Emberland from the road
The homestead near Sveio.

Emberlands at work
Emberlands at work
They did not know I was going to publish their picture (neither did I).

View from Emberland Yard
View from Emberland Yard
Photos are way too blue, but the only ones I have.

Home of: My Parents

Selmer Kallevig Farm
Selmer and Thelma Kallevig Farm
The farm near Willmar Minnesota.

Selmer Kallevig Family
Selmer and Thelma Kallevig Family
50th wedding anniversary.
January 11, 1981

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Some family History

Recent Events

Luisa & Kal, late 2009

In 2003 I met Luisa Cárdenas Freire in San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador. We were married in June 2004. She and Graciela arrived here in Santa Cruz, California in 2006, and Orly joined us about a year later.

You will find images from our life together here: Luisa & Kal

Maps of Norway and Minnesota

Triangular Connection An MSN Map of Bomlo, Norway An MSN Map of Willmar, Minnesota An MSN Map of Pennock, Minnesota
Maps by Bing Maps

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